Cuckold Phone Sex


Very early into my marriage, my husband and I came to an agreement. We both realized that I needed something bigger than he could offer and I would bring men home to service me in front of him.

My criteria of selection? The size of the man's cock.


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You may have heard the common lie about size not being of importance in a man. Well, let me put it bluntly guys. Men who didn't get much in the cock size department all wish they had bigger cocks, and those who do have all the girls and more.

It is not for nothing that the "big" guys are called studs. Women play with little boys because they may feel sorry for them, but when it comes to hardcore satisfaction, we are all size queens.

If you have got the size that counts, then I will be your slut, the woman who loves to please her man, as long as he has the dick to do her with, the technique and the know how.

But if your have a small one, then I can switch from a submissive cock worshiping whore to a dominatrix fem domme. Whatever dick your have though, either though size alone, or roleplay, I can make our next call one you will not likely forget any time soon.

So which one are you? Stud or small boy? If it's the latter, don't even think that I would allow a worthless icky stick anywhere near my pussy. Instead you might find yourself on a trip of self discovery, of a different kind.

One where I train you to be my own special little girl, my pretty sissy boy, one I humiliate and dominate to my heart content.

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Cuckold Phone Sex