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I am a strapon queen. There is nothing that turns me on more than the thought of bending you down and get my strapon cock to slide in and out of your bitch boy ass.

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It started with my first husband. He was more than interested in bisexual fantasies and kept on beating around the bushes about it. One day, I was checking something on his desk and as I move the mouse, his computer screen came to life and I was mildly shocked to discover a page displaying a woman in the act of fucking a man with a strap on.

I didn't say anything to him, but the moment I had a few minutes free, I went online and ordered a strapon from an online store. It came with three attachments, from beginner to advanced, each modeled after real cocks.

I was wet throughout the whole week preceding the delivery of the package and every time we had sex, I would start fondling his ass with my finger, teasing him that maybe he wanted something bigger than my finger for a change.

This is when I discovered that I was naturally dominating, and femdom was like second nature to me. During that week, I took on that role of being the one in control, of his cock, his balls, his ass and not only did he not mind, he actually loved him.

When the strapon arrived, I was shaking with excitement. That evening marked the day when I fucked a man for the first time. I will never forget the feeling of utter power and control when I positioned my strapon against his ass hole and started to push it in.

I came after a couple of thrusts, an orgasm so violent that it shook me to the core, and I had to slide out of him and sit down for a while in order to catch my breath.

We were soon at it again. Later on, my husband became an ex, but this new activity remained a favorite of mine.

Strapon phone sex includes elements of bi sexuality, female domination, cuckolding, small cock humiliation, cock sucking and more.




Strap On Phone Sex