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I am the mom all the boys drool about and many of their Dads too!



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Housewife with a secret? Well, not so much of a secret really as most stay at home moms will tell you. With my husband busy making a name of himself in the corporate world, and with my teenager kids needing less of me now that they are older, I have a lot of time to kill and just in case you start to feel sorry for me, don't.

In addition to going to the gym where I can keep my body in good shape, I have discovered that young men have the type of energy a woman like me needs. Like being able to be fucked non stop, just as if I was 18 years old myself.

Now I know most of you will think that I am a cheating wife who goes behind my husband's back but even though I have lovers, it is not without my husband's knowledge. You see, he was never much of a lover and the poor man has a worthless tiny dick that really is no good to me.

It all started when he asked me to sleep with his boss in order to advance his career. At the time, I wasn't keen on this idea but fucking his boss turned out the best thing that happened to me.

It liberated me to the extend that I know fuck whenever and whomever I want.

My favorites? Roleplay (I love roleplay), taboo and no limits sex, humiliation, light domination, sissy boys, worship (foot/leg/breast/body.. well worshiping all of me really. I love big cocks, and I will be submissive with the right alpha male, but I haven't find one yet as I just love being in control!

So.. I can't wait to hear from you.



Mommy Phone Sex