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Strap on for my Sissy Boys

So many ass bitch boys, so little time but there are a few things I will never run out of:

Strap on made for phone sex with all of your, my little pretty sissy bitches.

I have them in all sizes and color, right from the slender regular 5 inches to the more substantial 10 inches ass perforators, big enough to make even the hardcore sissy amongst you cry with tears of pain and pleasure.

There is something so uniquely powerful when the phone rings and it is a sissy on the line.  I am one of those phone babes who likes to get into the mood of things, and I do change what I wear according to the caller, when he wants something “out of the ordinary.”

When it is a sissy caller, one of the first thing I put on is a strap-on.  You never know what a femdom might be called upon to do on her favorite sissy don’t you?

When it’s a beginner, and I can always tell, there is a particular trepidation, looking forward to the task so to speak of “breaking” a virgin ass, ever so gently of course, because strap on phone sex doesn’t mean injuring my sissy does it? Beginners who have never had it in the ass come to the conversation so turned on by the prospect of finally seeing their life long fantasy about to be realized that so many times, they cannot hold their orgasm and the explosion happens with a couple of minutes.  If they are able to stay on the line after the initial orgasm, then the actual sissification, followed by the  ultimate strap on fuck can begin.

Once a sissy phone sex session has been completed for first timers, the training proper can then start, and that is my sissy friend one of the sweetest things you will ever get to experience.

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Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex

Hot Phone Sex is one of the most delicious ways to achieve sexual pleasure by way of communicating desires and fantasies to a live partner over the telephone.  This direct and live one on one experience makes it possible for men and women to do and talk about things that a usual setup might not permit to engage in.


I am always amazed to see the development of some callers from the moment of their first call when they were shy, unsure and quiet ill-equipped in many aspects of their sexuality to the confident lovers that phone sex transforms them into.

And it doesn’t matter what it is that turns you on either.  Even a cuckold husband slave who is turned into forced cock sucking through humiliation can be said to be a confident lover, once he has accepted the limitations that are inherent to who he is, or will never be.

So whether you turn me upside down, doggy style, ready to have me submit to the control of your cock, pushing my ass upwards as I meet your powerful thrusts, or…

It is your turn to kneel on all four, bend down in front of me, ready for some femdom action, strap-on style, mutual masturbation phone sex can make all this possible and more.

Yes, more…  More enjoyable, more pleasurable, more satisfying.

Some callers have told me that once they had sex with me, they never went back elsewhere.  I do have the repeat customers number ratio to prove that but why don’t you give me or my girls a try instead.

We do role playing phone sex better than any one out there, and that’s a promise.

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Cuckold Phone Sex

Sex Over the Phone (song)

It’s a matter of some debate amongst my fellow cuckold phone sex operators.  Is a man born to be a cuckold or is it something that is acquired through life choices?

Is there something inherently wrong with a husband who actively seeks the introduction of a second male (stud or stallion) to satisfy his wife in ways that he himself cannot do?

And what about the wife?  What is about her that convinces her to accept such an arrangement when she has not herself sought it?  Why would she put her husband, a man whom she has agreed to share a life with out of love with the prospect of humiliation that usually accompanies cuckold husbands.

Some of us maintain that the real cause of such an arrangement to take place is the fact that the husband may sport a small cock, prompting the hotwife (cheating wife) to bring into her home a much larger cock, a MONSTER dick which can appropriately service her.

And what about the act of being present during the fucking?  Why would a man agree to witness his wife being fucked by another man in ways that he cannot do and admire even long for the “other” dick, the bigger one, the real deal?

And then there are all the other aspects of this “transaction” involving a delayed participation of the cheated husband, after the “deed”, by way of a forced or perhaps willing bisexual contribution where husband cleans his wife’s pussy clean of the other man’s cum and or even sucks the other man’s cock for good measure.

Whatever the answer, the act itself is deliciously wicked on so many different levels that just writing about it makes me wish my cucked hubby could be for your next call.

Or are you the cuckold husband in search of a woman who’ll demonstrate in real life what it is to be fucked by a real man, right in front of you?

Married Men Make The Best Phone Sex Lovers

I know, I know…  I shouldn’t be saying something like that.  And for the record, I am not one who goes about seducing another woman’s man, but when a husband calls me for phone sex, it’s either because he isn’t getting what he needs at home… or his wife is fully ok with that.

Does the second option sound incredible?  Maybe, but whilst not the norm, I have amongst my regular callers quite a number of men who use my phone service with the full knowledge of their wife, and some even call as a couple in search of sexual titillation. 


Whether a caller belongs to the first or the second category, the issue that concerns me in this post is that these men are really good lovers, for a number of reasons, no least because they have tried to make themselves available to their spouse by sharing and learning from them and when that has not been sufficient, have resorted to calling me, bringing into the mix all their experience and expertise.

Married men can be a whole range of different things, but then so can married women!  Sinful or kinky, to have sex with a married man always get “my juices” flowing so to speak.

Are these men cheating when they call me for phone sex?  I don’t think so, they simply need to have their desires met in ways that their wives cannot accommodate fully.

So if you are looking for a discreet affair, let me be your phone Mistress.

Orgasm Denial, Tease and Denial Phone Sex

A man’s pleasure is often time a measure of how much your control his cock.  Cock control is indeed the key and in this roleplaying game, nothing is more appropriate than tease and denial.

As a phone sex girl, I have been aware of the unique appeal of this technique, and some of the most powerful my callers have ever experienced in their life has come as a direct result of teasing and denial.


It is a delicious and unique agony that only an experienced cock tease can offer her caller.

Phone sex is often time used by callers to spice up their sex life.  Whilst it would be presumptuous of me to assume that we provide services beyond the gratification of sexual needs, there have been circumstances where phone sex has indeed even contributed to the improvement of failing relationship.

Tease and denial phone sex is a particular specialty that requires a unique understanding of what it is that makes a man behave, and whilst playful instructions can be given by any woman, the artistry of bringing a man’s to the edge of orgasm, only to be denied at the very last moment requires the strict attention of a femdom.

Tease and denial phone sex can be so many different things.  Sensual or hardcore, with a touch of domination, or even humiliation, the longer I can prevent a caller from reaching an orgasm, the stronger said orgasm will feel when he is finally allowed the ultimate release.

So if you are ready for the ultimate orgasm denial session, call the cock tease specialist and let the tease and denial begin

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Fetish Masturbation

Hello Fetish Phone Sex lover, I am delighted you came by.  And  I have a confession to make.  Ever thought you were too weird for your own good, what with your fetish fantasies, the touch of a silky glove on the shaft of your dick, enjoying the delights that send thrills down your balls?  Well, you are not.  I am you girl in that respect, a lover of all things sensual, particularly when applied to a nice long and thick cock.

I love every thing about it.  The preparation as I dress for the task, choosing the right glove, and sliding my hand inside, enjoying the feeling of silkiness, the softness of the material on my skin.  I have a variety of sexual gloves for a whole bunch of different specialties and fetish, but when I am feeling sensual, I just need to be able to feel the cock my gloved hand is holding.

When properly "attired", glove in place, I love to look at my man, as he lays undressed in front of me, trembling with thoughts of what is to come next.

And then, just as you put a spoon in the bowl of your favorite ice cream, anticipating the moments of sheer delight, my hand reaches out for your dick, stopping just before the final touch, the one that counts.

Feeling the weight of the balls inside my fingers, opening up upwards to grab the shaft proper and stay there, idle for a while, enjoying the moment.

And as your excitement mounts, so I begin my slow silky masturbation, going up and down around your cock, from the base all the way to the head and back again.

Onwards and forwards until the final explosion, your essence shooting up towards me.

Of course there can be thousands of different ways to modify the above masturbation but I can talk about it with you during phone sex!

AB/DL Phone Sex? Mommy Wants to Please!

To all my ABDL Phone Sex Babies..  Mommy is back and is feeling the loooove.

Yep..  Mommy just got back from a week off in the Bahamas where she had her fill of hard black cock.  Boy are these Island Men sexy!  She took it every which way she could, just for fun and because she needed a good fuck..  Or two..  Or 18!


But now my darling baby boys, I am back so if you are craving for drink, you too can now drink to heart content, straight from Mommy!  So hop on right in, baby love, and settle on Mommy's lap whilst I pull down my robe and let baby suckle on my full and heavy breast.

Go ahead Baby Boy.  Be a good Mommy's baby and suckle.  You have no idea how the idea of ABDL Phone Sex makes me feel...  Well you do really if you have called me before!

And if you are really a good baby, Mommy might let you reach between her legs where she lets you go from time to time.  Remember how wet and wonderful Mommy feels down there?  Well how about you taste that too?

So what will it be?  Call Mommy for a really good time or continue to deprive yourself of a really good time?

Phone Sex in Public

If you crave the strict attentions of a dedicated Femdom Humiliatrix and likes the idea of being humiliated then you really call our femdom phone sex line.

Take Andy for example, the sweetest sissy of all, a slave in training I have been taking care of for the past few weeks.  Andy knows one thing:  He is truly a silly little excuse of a man who's not even allowed to call himself a man.

The other day he called me for the usual phone humiliation session at the end of which I set out a number of tasks to be accomplished in the coming days.

One of these tasks was to dress up as a woman like the sissy he is, drive to his local gay bar, and call me.  And so when the day of this particular assignment came, I was not surprised to hear my phone ring.  It was him alright, or should I really call her.

I asked him to put me through to the bar tender so that I could verify that he was indeed calling me from a public bar, dressed as a woman and when I was satisfied that he had indeed played out his part of the bargain, I proceeded with the call itself.

All sissies have a tendency to be cock curious, none more than Andy and so I decided to ask him which of the men who were around him he would most probably love to have sex with.

That question of course had an arousing effect on him and by the time he answered, I knew that his little dick was all hard in his panties and the thought of this tiny cock made me smile.

Would you like to such a nice hard cock I asked him.  His answer as you can imagine was a resounding yes.

I then laid down a challenge for him.  To tell the men around him that he had been tasked to suck the biggest cock around and to call me when he was ready.

I put the phone down, made myself a cup of coffee and not even a minute later my phone rang again.  It was Andy, and he was ready..  To suck cock!

Phone Sex at the 11th hour

I posted yesterday at the beginning of my shift.  I had promised myself that I would write a little something later on at the end of the day, but as I was winding down from a day and evening full of sex a call came in from a regular, the 11th hour call I've named it.

I couldn't very well turn it down.  It was John, one of our most favorite caller.  John is loved by all of the girls here and for good reasons.  He is the sweetest young man a mom can ever hope to find.  The other day one of co worker twisted an ankle and I mentioned this to him, in passing.  Next I know, the following morning, her had sent her flowers.

Now how romantic is that?  Who ever said there was no romance in phone sex?  Shows you how kind this man is so when the call came in from dispatch that he was asking for me, I couldn't very well turn him down, even though all that sex had worn me down.

Normally John wants to talk about incest fantasies, the MILF scenario where a mommy seduces her son and has sex with him, but this time, I could sense he wanted something else.  After a few questions, I realized he was in the mood for a shemale phone sex fantasy.  Whilst not surprised that it was a tranny sex fetish he had in mind, I was surprised that he did not ask to speak to one of ladyboy babes.  We are lucky to have several delicious trannies working the lines for us.

But no, he wanted ME! and I was happy to oblige.

After all who isn't in the mood for a pretty girl and a penis to drool over.  A chick with dick is the ultimate fantasy and one that I particularly enjoy.

MILF reflections about Phone Sex

It's phone sex time.  It's Friday, Jun 11th, 2010 and my shift has just started.  Something else has just begun in the world.  The football (soccer) world cup.  This year it's in South Africa so I take a minute to reflect on this momentous occasion.  Could there be hope for human kind?  Yes?  No?

The truth is I don't know.  But the thought of 22 players running their socks off inside a pitch, trying to kick a ball into a goal makes me smile.  They do look good as I turn to ESPN, before moving on.

I have to stay focused on being sexy and I usually try to avoid the less "sexy" subject, not that these players are not sexy of course.

I look at my profile on the phone love website and then at some of the other girls.  I am a thirty something Mom and if you are looking for MILF phone sex, then I am definitely your momma!

With the kind of boobs that nature has provided me with, I can see why I am perfect for all of your mommy fantasies.  I love titty fucking as your big cock slides in and out, squeezed between my boobs.

I wonder what my first caller will be in the mood for.  That first call often times determines my mood for the rest of the day.  So if you are my first caller, a lot depends on you then!

And as I write this, on queue, dispatch sends me a text that a call is coming.

My first call of the day!  Hope it's a good one.