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It’s always the same thing. As a woman with a cock, a shemale for all intents and purposes, everywhere I go, it’s always the same. The other for example, I was sitting at a bar, in Miami Beach, minding my own business when this guy came to sit next to me. Now I admit, unless you look carefully, in the relative dark surrounding of a bar, it is difficult to notice that I was in fact not born a woman! So when men chat me up sometimes, they don’t really know “what” I am. All they do know is that they wouldn’t mind spending some quality time with me if you know what I mean. Anyway, back to my story… The other day, this guy sat next to me and began to chat me up. I was bored, but not in a particularly flirtations mood, (a woman cannot be flirtatious all the time) so I turned towards me, my big boobs starring him in the face, took his hand and drove it down to my crouch where there is this most delicious dick, (7 inches and all) that most men would just die to have.

There was a look of “horror” in his eyes as he withdrew his hand, probably looking for a place to wash it clean, muttered a sorry and turned his fact back into his drink.

By that time, I was beginning to see the funny side of this story. So it was my turn to chat him up. Eventually he mumbled that he thought I looked sexy but that was because I looked like a woman and would never, ever sleep with a man. Never.

A little later, when I told him that he could accompany me to my apartment next door, the poor soul nearly chocked, paid his tab, and followed me home.

And let me tell you something. That cock sucker would never sleep with a man, ever, you know what is the first thing he did when we were alone? Yes… He went straight for my dick.

A nice long shemale dick, a hard dick that he had sworn he would never touch, and there he was, my bitch, sucking on my hard cock as if his life depended on it.

And when I told him to turn around, place himself on all four so that my dick could fuck his sorry ass, he did so without as much a word of complaint.

Soon after, as I was pounding him with my hard cock, he let a loud groan out as he began to come! I don’t thing he ever thought he could come that hard.

And as I myself emptied myself inside of him, I told him:

“Now you have tasted a dick… You’ll never want to go back…”

Later on as he left, he turned to me and said that he would do anything to let me fuck him again.

I had turned him into a cock whore…

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Role Play Your Bedroom Problems Straight into Bliss

Intimacy between a a husband and wife can be the single most important factor that binds both husband and wife together. If it happens to be successful, it is typically the key for a happy relationship. If on the other hand it is missing, it can result in complications that may make or break a married relationship.As time passes, some married couples go through moments during which sex is just not what it was in the past, and certainly not what it could be. There are lots of factors that cause the “lulling” of passions, including monotony, kids, difficulties with money etc… which commonly come between two caring partners and trigger discorde in addition to dissatisfaction.Despite the fact that many married couples ultimately triumph over these types of challenges as partners, a few alas begin the gradual quest of isolation when a partner decides that the best method to revive a declining sexual life is to search in a different place, beyond the boundaries of his/her existing partnership.

For any couple seriously interested in bringing the “sexy” back to the bedroom, you will discover needless to say a variety of methods which you can use. One of the best way to resurect lost intimacy is definitely role playing which can be both safe and incredibly effective. Role playing is an ideal method to check out secretive fantasies with a significant other and all it requires are tolerance, understanding and a determination to be involved.Very often, husbands and wives find it difficult to share their most inner emotions and tendencies with virtually anyone, and choose to keep their inner thoughts for themselves for fear of what their spouse might say about it. Because of that, roleplay can certainly be a beneficial aspect in making it it possible for them to discuss their erotic aspirations. One must always bear in mind roleplaying is precisely what its name means. Confidential preferences expressed by taking part in a role as opposed to a willingness to really live this particular fantasy in the real world.

Our brain is really a funny old thing! Able to do so much, often misunderstood, it is the driving force that propels us onward, or brings us down. Our mind controls all the things we undertake. The way we think. How we appear. It also controls our sexuality.

As stated before, roleplaying is all about interpreting unique characters and events that may bring an extra dimension to a couple’s love making.

Roleplaying scenarios can include:

  • Older person - Younger person (Ageplay)
  • Uniform Fantasies
  • Gender Play
  • Threesome Sex
  • Public Sex

So, is it possible to just jump into roleplaying and are there any kind of rules or perhaps fears we need to consider beforehand? The answer to the primary topic is of course without a doubt. Mention this together with your significant other, learn how to always be open with one another as you explore your fantasies, and as you proceed, you will learn to be more confident with what you can share with one another, and more importantly how you can say it so that you can produce a sexy environment. The answer to the 2nd question will be determined by the nature of the particular fantasy you wish to experience! Power play situations might have to have a "safe phrase" one can use when a red line is beeing crossed.

There is absolutely no right or wrong way to have fun with role play. You will definitely figure out this for yourself as you set out to become more experienced in the different types of cases you would like to play. Yet another example of role play scenario is of course phone sex which husbands and wives use with each other. Some even reach out to paid up services because of the experience the ladies (and men) at the other end of the telephone can bring. There are many services available out there offering Cheap Phone Sex. Sex by phone is not surprisingly a very well-known pastime for husbands and wives any time one is not at home. Roleplaying will offer virtually any couple the added excitment they want. It could possibly save your romantic relationship!

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Let Our Transexual Phone Sex Girls Allow You To Try A World With No Constraints And No Rules

The human brain is really a funny old thing! Able to do so much, commonly misunderstood, it is the driving force which moves us onward, and / or brings us all the way down. Our thought process regulates everything we do. The way we think. The way we feel. It even controls our libido. Not surprisingly having sex is a topic dear to me not merely because of what I do (I am a working sex chat girl) but additionally because it has guided me to aspects of myself which i by no means believed even existed. Now in my mid thirties, at the very top of my sexual awakening, it is my mind which still gives me with the most excitement and brings a further dimension to my sex life. My mind has exposed the gates to role play for instance, and roleplay is one the yummiest things any couple who wants to have a good time during intercourse (or on the kitchen floor) should absolutely use.As phone chat girl, I enjoy exchanging private fantasies with my customers and none is more exciting than fantasizing about Shemales with clients open enough about their individual sexuality to feel secure in relation to fantasizing about having sexual intercourse with a woman who also has a big cock! Absolutely nothing inappropriate in that should you ask me, and no, it does not make a caller gay, or depraved. To the contrary: It is a quite healthy means of taking pleasure in desires that would boil over if they went un-explored for too long.

There are any numbers of sex phone lines you can phone if you wish to enjoy “she-male” lovin. But none more exciting than the transsexual phone sex these ladies offer which in my mind happens to be awesome!

If you’re anything like me, then by now you ought to be at the “ready” for a exciting shemale chat.

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  • Would you like to bend me over and fill my tight little ass while you reach between my silky thighs and stroke me, feeling my cock throb between your fingers as my balls fill up with a nice, hot load?
  • I'm a naughty TS who loves to get off with hot and horny men. I am very open minded and extremely versatile. You name it and I'm into it.
  • Are you ready to take a walk on the wild side? Then what are you waiting for? Call now and be amazed!
  • Do you need a boost in your sex life? Call me and find out what you’ve been missing out on!

Shemale sex chat is one of our callers’ favorite subjects of discussion. Perfect for any horny male with bi curious dreams, it allows the caller delve into the opportunity of intimacy with a girl who looks very much like a lady in most senses of the words bar one: she also has a dick.

She-male phone sex stands for everything that is great about phone sex. It allows any man, interested in dick and brave enough to discover his bisexual fantasies to do this in total safety. It's not only nearly impossible in reality for the typical gentleman to enjoy actual physical intercourse with a she-male, but unless it is carried out with extreme care, it definitely comes with health related perils.

Phone Sex with a hot live and REAL she-male is now only a call away and when you experience sex with T-Girl, you are going to understand why phone sex is unquestionably a wonderful way to have your cake and eat it. Transexual phone sex bridges the gap between heterosexual and bisexual fantasies. In addition, it brings in components of a variety of different fantasies and men like it!If you are like most she-male sex chat callers, then you definitely haven't been with a tranny before. True, you have probably been watching she-male Adult porn but as much as I also like to watch porn, there is nothing that is comparable to speaking one on one a transsexual about your fantasy and that is certainly what we are offering you.

If you want to experiment with a horny phone sex trannie to get an idea of what you have been passing up on, I would would really like accommodate you. All you have to do is call me, lover. I promise to be gentle.

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Phone Sex – For A Good Time Call: Green Band Movie Trailer

Here is something that made me smile, phone sex in a movie theater near you.  No, I am not talking about a hushed up phone conversation with your boyfriend (in the middle of a movie) about what you would like to do to him whilst everyone in the auditorium tells you to keep quiet, (or loses interest in the movie and listens to what you have to say instead)....  no what I am talking about is the next best thing:  A movie about phone sex girls made in Hollywood, with real actors, paid plenty of money, a director, ad agencies, the lot.

Starring Ari Graynor (the blond) who certainly turned my head, Justin Long turning everybody's head, this is one fun movie, that most adults with a passing interest in sex will want to see and enjoy and portrays the lives of two young women who once disliked each other but 10 years later find themselves having to share an apartment in New York in order to be able to pay the rent.

What they do to pay is rent is phone sex, and the rest is history as they say:

Watch it if you are not easily offended.  You'll come home with a smile on your face and well...  a certain need that we at will certainly be more than willing to help relieve!

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Mature Phone Sex – For The Love Of A Big Cock

Hello chaps!  My name is Rachel.  If you read this post and I sound familiar to you, then chances are we have probably met on a chat line, sharing "naughty" secrets that you were too shy to talk about with your wife <wink>.  If we haven't talked to each other yet, then now is your chance!  Make sure you ------->  CLICK HERE  <-------- for the best telephone sex you can imagine!  When you are there, look me up!  My full name is Read Head Rachel, and whilst a girl cannot be available 24 hours a day, I do pop in on a regular basis for some "phone lovin" and we can tell each other what we have been up to!  I am particularly interested in matters pertaining to sex if you know what I mean so don't bore me with details of a visit to the dentist!

Tell me what you like, give me details, man...  Juicy details...
Let me start....  Get the ball rolling as they say...  Get the juice flowing...  The cock growing...

Hmm..  The cock growing...  How I love a big dick.  A big, amazing, thick and rock solid dick just for me...  and my pussy.  I've got to say, this mature and gorgeous red head (ME!) loves them big ones!

I love it fast, or slow... As long as you last and that you give it to me proper!  Reaching behind you as you pound me mercilessly, grabbing you heavy balls and squeezing ever so slightly...

I am a mature, perverse mommy who loves sex role play.  Since a woman's imagination is limitless and therefore it would be impossible to experience in real life ever single fantasy, fetish or desire I have, I do the next best thing!  Phone Sex!  I play all kinds of naked games with my little boys and give the best mommy phone sex period!

Sexy Chantal – Cougar, Mom, Nympho

My name is Chantal and I specialize in Mommy Phone Sex.  Ever since my sons interest in women became a part of their lives, I realized that just as they were drooling over this chick or that babe, so did their friends drool... over me!  It was fun and kind of flattering at the same time and there were many occasions when the rising bulge of their cock would be all I could think about, driving me to a frenzy after they were gone.  I should tell you that by then, my husband had left me for a younger woman (I was in my thirties) and raising boys as a single mom was more than a full time job.  I literally had no time to form a relationship with anyone and the only sex I ever had was with myself, if you know what I mean.

Countless were the nights where I would fantasize about a particular  younger man's cock, imagining what I would do to bring him to the brink of orgasm and I would come over and over again thinking how their young cock would feel inside my mouth, in between my lips and so on and over the years, these masturbation sessions were all I had to prevent me from going crazy.

But even more then that, what really surprised me was how I would get turned on when thinking how they would ask their mommy to fuck them, and how to thought of being their mom was so exciting.

And then one day, just like that, my sons were out of the house, into the beginning of their own lives and I found myself single again, in my early forties, wondering what to do with myself.  It is at that time that allowed myself the freedom of dating other men, and over the next couple years, I realized that the men I was choosing for myself were younger then me.

It was not surprising though, given all the pent-up sexual emotions that had been mine before my sons left for college and I remember one particular evening teasing a lover that he was only with me because I was his own sexy and dirty cougar.  As I told him that, I felt his cock throb and soon after he was pounding me like crazy.

These years were for me my formative years in terms of sexual maturity, and I finally grew into my role of the mature woman, the sexy cougar whom most men in my neighborhood would lust after.  One day, one of my sons friend came home to visit his parents and thought he'd pay me a visit.  He had been a teenager the last time I had seen him and there now stood before me a man.  What didn't change though was the lingering looks he was giving me, checking me out every time he thought I wasn't looking.

By I was...  Looking...  I remembered how it felt to be the mommy that these boys were lusting after, and now there he was, in my living room.

"Do you want Mommy to fuck you" I asked point blank and it is amazing how quickly his cock rose up in his trousers.  He didn't have to be asked twice.

I have been helping myself to quite a few younger men ever since, becoming the special mom to some of them and one in particular would always call me by phone, no matter where he was.  It is with him that I began my career as a mommy phone sex operator, even though the calls I did with him were free.

Dial Mommy Now!  You won't believe how good I will make you feel!


Mature Phone Sex – Getting Better With Age Is What These Mature Phone Sluts Are All About

Mature ladies are amongst our most sought after delights and it's no surprise to me.  When it comes to the nurturing you crave nothing quite beats the experience and know how of a Mature Woman.

We have older ladies of every size, shape and color with one thing in common.  They get better with age and we challenge you to spend 10 minutes with them on the phone to discover for yourself just how good they really are.

I wouldn't say they have seen it all, but in terms of sexual experience, there is not much these women don't know, which doesn't mean that they are not willing to learn, should you have something new to teach them!

Indeed there is nothing they will not do, and as far as fetish phone sex is concerned, put yourself (literally) in the capable hands of a mature phone sex babe to discover exactly what you have been missing out on!

Like the busty how mature woman on the picture, hand picked for her beauty and sexual knowledge.

How would like to feel the nurturing love of a mommy in heat, eager to please!

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Call for a quickie in the morning and spend the rest of the day happy

This morning, I was on call, covering for one of my phone sex ladies early shift when Tom called our fantasy sex line.

Can you help me with my hard dick. It's early morning and I have 10 minutes before getting ready to leave for work!

 I have been in the sensual phone conversation business for years and allow me to tell you that this left me puzzled. A morning cock stroke! Here is a positively pleasing force of habit! All of us are familiar with the concept of the morning stroll, or morning walk, but the first masturbation of the day? I was so amazed that it took me a few seconds to get my bearings and all of a sudden the images of thousands of guys with their cock so hard, it actually woke them up waiting to be taken care off flooded my mind, suggestive enough to really turn me into a state of arousal.

Do you mean a quickie? Like a $10 phone sex orgasm guaranteed to get you on the way? It'll take all of 5 minutes but I guarantee you'll have a smile on your face for the rest of the day

there is scarcely anything more enticing in truth that the idea of a guy with a throbbing cock hard as rock, hands stroking his penis up and down, until the sublime ecstasy, and this is one of the reasons why I love my job so much. And even if I say so myself, a lot of my callers love what I do too judging by how frequently they grab the phone and call my phone number. They phone us for sexual intercourse for any number of reasons, one of them of course because they have private tendencies and a woman like me really doesn't think that a man's fantasies are best turned down.

A woman who is fully aware of her sexual needs and is not afraid to go the extra step.

And if you think you will have to give a lot of cash calling phone sex fantasy line think again. Cheap live 1on1 phone sex chat and a morning wank go hand in hand if you'll pardon the pun.

So: reach for the telephone and dial

Cross-Dressing and Forced Feminization

As a femdom phone sex specialist, I am often called up to assist aspiring sissies in their attempt to fulfill their life’s dream or crossing over, from the world of men which really they rarely really belonged to to the world of sissies.


I particularly enjoy feminization phone sex when the caller is “forced” into a situation that he says he doesn’t want.

It’ all a question of role playing of course, and whereas in real life no nearly always means no, in the phone sex virtual world, no often times no but if you insist…

Just as it is labeled, forced feminization means the action of forcing a man into becoming feminine, by way of make up, grooming, and dressing.

Because it is “forced” it is a specialty that requires both a firm hand on the part of the Mistress and willingness to be trained on the part of the sissy.

There is a level of strict behavior enforcement imposed both before and after, before as the forcing may required some self discipline to accept the inevitable and after when the man looks all pretty in his new feminization person is commanded to go out, dressed as a woman and interact with the public, as a newly dressed sissy.

Sissy training is a phone sex art form which combines gentleness and a more forceful approach, all intended to offer the most delicious level of training for our aspiring boys and sissies.

So let us dress you up, turn you over and let you loose a new girl.

Are you sissy enough to take forced feminization like a man?

Let’s find out!

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Mommy’s so good at phone sex

This sexy momma has the hots for younger men.  You know, the ones with the young tight bodies and the younger cocks that don’t go all limp after a first orgasm.  Guys just turned 18 and I’ll go as far as 22 years old which is the perfect age if you want to mould them into great lovers.


I have had plenty of times to watch my kids friends grow up, turning into strapping young men and have spent many a nights masturbating at home, thinking about the moment when some of them would turn 18 and I would be able to put my hand (and just about everything else about me..) on them.

Before taking on a job as a phone sex “facilitator” I knew what a MILF was, having heard one of my son’s friend telling another that he had found me “fucking hot”.  Young men have a way with words…

Rather than make me angry, or ashamed, I actually loved hearing that I was sexy enough to turn a young man on, and it is about that time that my imagination took a turn for the wild and I began to have really dirty fantasies about a few things that involved me and some of those boys.

First time I got to have my way with was when one of them came back home to visit during college break.  He was just a couple of months older than 18 and looked devastating gorgeous sitting across on the sofa.

I couldn’t get my hands of him, and my mouth soon followed as my lips wrapped themselves around his rather larger cock.  I had dreamed about that moment for so long that I actually came before he ever did.  It wasn’t so long before his cock started to pump its cum right inside my mouth.

The boy’s cock didn’t even become flaccid after he had come.  He just stayed hard.  Soon I was riding him.

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