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So what is a phone sex chat line, and perhaps more importantly what purpose does it serve in the era of streaming videos, free porn and easy access to adult dating.

The answer to this question is simple. A phone sex chat line is an interactive conversation between two adults who want the same thing: sexual fulfillment. Now you might say that by watching a sex movie, sexual fulfillment is exactly what can and inevitably does happen and you would be right.

But if you want to be a participant in any love making, watching a sex scene between two performing actors just doesn’t cut it. In the course of a sex chat conversation, the two parties communicate directly. There is a live interaction which allows both to take the direction of their choosing. Instead of being content with being a “voyeur”, they participate directly in the realization of their fantasy. In other words, cheap phone sex gives you exactly what other form of sexual entertainment do not. It gives you the unique opportunity to be involved, to be in the scene, to be with that person whom you are having sex with!

Who uses our sex chat lines? Anyone who wants an intimate one-on-one conversation about any fantasy or adult fetish, and who is reluctant to talk about it with his or her partner, spouse or wife.

What about free sex chat lines? And why would anyone pay for sex if they can get it for free elsewhere? Fair question. Free is always better than having to spend your hard earned cash. The real question though is how free is a free phone sex chat line? In other words, is there such a thing?

The answer to that question is also simple. Well, nearly. It’s actually… Yes… and… No! Yes if you know someone who wants the same thing and is willing to do it with you, and it happens. No because there are no many people who will talk to you about sex.

What about those ads then? You know, like this one:

“Try sex by phone for free with hundreds of REAL LIVE like minded women and men in your local area. There are hundreds of new people everyday and it’s FREE…”


“… FREE to try…”

Which makes sense of course. Nothing is ever free…

What we do offer you though is CHEAP phone sex! Call our CHAT LINE and find out for yourself!

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