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A top placement in any of the top search engines can mean income, lots of it, particularly when a product and or services is good. For the past 15 years, "ranking" in Google is something I have spent some considerable amount of personal time and efforts. Luckily, these efforts have been successful and I have been able to have some decent results in Google.


In all the time I have been involved in phone sex, I have had the opportunity to watch what some of my competitors "get up to" and one the things I have realized is that our industry is "controlled" by a handful major players who allocate untold amounts of money and resources into employing teams of web designers, marketing experts and internet marketers in order to create thousands of pages each day. They do so because they know that by multiplying their websites, they stack the deck in their favor and Google unhappily obliges them.

Not only do these companies publish thousands of phone sex themed sites, but they also release countless more specialized, niche specific sites.Whatever our fertile minds can conjure up, these sites have it all: adult baby, diaper lovers, mommy phone sex, snuff, torture, cbt, water sports, oral, anal, role playing, ape, age play, bondage and submission, mistress phone sex, humiliation, sissy boys, panty boys, etc.

What this means for you, is that when you search for something different, outside of the mainstream big money daddies, it can be difficult to uncover the gems, those privately owned and operated websites such as the cheap phone sex meeting place for all of you, fetish lovers, who enjoy a spanking or two!

You see, I don't need to market phone sex as something cheap, because when it comes to cheap, there are offers out there, so bad, that I wouldn't touch them with an 8 inch pole. (Unless it was yours of course!!!!! 🙂 ) What I do provide though is the highest quality, balls emptying bad ass life sex chat there is... Period...

There is in fact a very basic difference between my company and... my competitors! I do what I do so well, my customers are so satisfied with my services and I certainly don't have to hire the very best graphic designers out there who can whip out gorgrous looking websites at the stroke of a photo shop session. You see, I prefer spending my money training my girls so that they are simple the best phone sex girls in the industry!

Finding the best phone sex numbers is not always easy. Everybody offers cheap deals with hot and beautiful girls who are waiting for your call. We do too, but the difference is that we are really good at it and guarantee you'll enjoy yourself or your money back!

Don't fall for the gimmicky offers. We don't need to use any gimmick or falsehood to keep our callers. We know that once they have tried us, they will return to us time and again, simply because we the very best at what we do.

Toll Free Phone Sex – and really economical

Well hello there, handsome! I am so pleased to see you here. If you have come to my site in search of the very best toll free phone sex, then you're in luck. I have been involved in the art of live sex chat for over a decade (as a business of course, I was already involved in the pleasures of phone masturbation for a while before beginning my career) and in that time, I have learned so many ways in which to give pleasures to my callers that the majority of them have become repeat customers. They always return to Momma! 🙂

I'll hazard a guess and assume that you are here because you are not getting what you need at home. There are many reasons why sex is no a part of your life right now. You could be single, or you could even be a married man, with a wife at home who, after a few years of common life might not be so willing to join you in bed for anything other than a sleep.

Or... Your wife will allow you a few moments of intimacy from time to time, as long as you keep those "wild" fantasies for yourself of course, you know the ones I mean don't you?

Calling phone sex numbers takes a leap of faith, particularly if you have never done it before. For starters, you have no idea what the person on the other line looks like and for all you know, she could very well be the antithesis of all you sexual fantasies, if you ever saw her in real life. Noone knows really. A woman might look gorgeous to one man and not to the next. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder as they say. But a phone sex girl can be anyone you want. Go one step further, and a phone sex girl can also share and participate in any fantasy of your choosing. I'll give you an example. There are several transexuals working for me. If you didn't know, shemale phone sex is one hot topic of conversation, and some of you guys don't seem to have enough of these gorgeous and very "special" girls. However sought after these real life transexuals are, there is a woman who works for me who trumps them all. She is all woman, doesn't have that thing between the leg that typifies a shemale, and yet, she is one of the most in demand shemale on our books. Men who request her know she is all woman, and yet there they are wanting her... That my friend is the power of fetish phonesex.

So what you are you waiting for? Whatever your kink is, we have really cheap phone sex numbers with girls waiting for you!  Call us any time, from the comfort of your home, hotel room, car etc... and we'll be there just for you. And I promise you one thing. When you click on the link above (underlined), we'll make you feel absolutely incredible or we'll refund your money!  Now...  Not many companies can make a promise like that, can they?  You know why we can?  Because we are that good!

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Role Play Your Relationship Troubles Straight into Pleasure

Intimate relationship between a a husband and wife is often time the bond that keeps the two dating partners together. Whenever it is successful, it is normally the key for a pleasing marriage. If on the other hand it is missing, it may bring about difficulties that may destroy a marriage.In time, many married couples go through moments during which sexual intercourse is not really what it was once, and certainly not what it should be. There are numerous factors that cause the “lulling” of passions, including boredom, young children, difficulties with income etc… which often can come between two caring spouses and bring about dissension and unhappiness.

Whilst most couples eventually overcome these problems together, a few regrettably begin the progressive journey of entrenchment when a husband or wife decides that the only strategy to resurrect a dying sexual life is to hunt someplace else, outside the bounds of his/her existing relationship.

There are lots of ways that partners can take a look at so that they can boost their amorous partnership. Sexual role play is one such method as it gives a reliable and rewarding method one can possibly take advantage of in order to check out personal fantasies that might have been kept hidden until now. The real key here is needless to say mutual trust in each other.Very often, husbands and wives find it hard to share their most inner emotions and wishes with virtually anyone, and select to keep their inner thoughts for themselves for fear of what their spouse might say about it. For this precise reason, roleplay can certainly provide a determining aspect in helping them to mention their fantasies. It is important to bear in mind roleplaying is strictly what its name implies. Confidential preferences depicted by taking part in a role as opposed to a willingness to truly experience this particular fantasy in real life.

The human mind is really a funny old thing! Able to do so much, commonly misunderstood, it is the driving force that propels us onward, or brings us down. Our thought process regulates everything we accomplish. The way we think. The way we appear. It also controls our sex drive.

As previously mentioned, roleplaying is all about play acting specific characters and scenarios which will add an extra dimension to a couple’s sexual intimacy.Roleplaying scenarios can include:

  • Uniform Fantasies
  • Public Sex
  • Talking Dirty

So, could you just embrace roleplaying and are there any kind of rules or perhaps concerns we have to think about first? The answer to the primary question is of course without a doubt. Talk about this with your partner, discover how to always be trusting with one another as you investigate your fantasies, and as you go forward, you will begin to feel more at ease with what you may tell one another, and above all the best way to say it so as to produce a sexy environment. The reply to the second issue will probably be based upon the actual fantasy you wish to explore! Remember to decide on a signal or "protected expression" in the event that a scenario get to a level either of you are uneasy with.

There is no right or wrong method to enjoy role play. You will figure out this on your own as you set out to become more informed in the different types of instances you need to role play. A further example of role play scenario is of course phone sex which lovers use with each other. Some even reach out to paid up services because of the experience the ladies (and men) at the other end of the telephone can bring. There are many services available out there offering Cheap Phone Sex. Sex by phone is needless to say a really popular pastime for married couples any time husband or wife is away from home. Whatevery your decision may be, intimate role playing can be quite a fabulous way to add spice to your romantic relationship. Relax, focus on what your girlfriend shares with you, understand... savor!

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Legal Teen Phone Sex

I must confess college students have it easy in life. Away from confines of our families' restrictions, we are now able to do practically as we wish. For all those among us who had a pretty calm (more non existent like) sexual life before we got to eighteen, things certainly improved for the better once on the on the other side of teen hood, if there is even such a phrase. :). But so what?! I am just a inexperienced galI will tell you this. When you reach 18 and enjoy the liberty to have sex, reality can be amazing. Barely legal young adults have got passions and desires but primarily the energy to try and do pretty much as they want. It's oftentimes hard to focus through talks, so powerful are the desire of a very hard cock coming in and out of our pussies.

All all of a sudden, for most of us, " Fuck all we can since we all quite know that our college freedom will be short lived " is usually a type of practice many of us apparently don't have any issues sticking with. Dicks and much more cocks: that is certainly our "raison d'etre"!

Need to enjoy what it feels like to have sexual intercourse with a young woman? Call us!

Which means you will see us, continually present and constantly banged during some of those untamed university events in which lovely lovemaking as well as open public encounters take over and we become sexual creatures, intent solely on the delights of sex. For a few among us, typically the shift into extroverted young sluts is an uncomplicated progression whilst for others, the progression is more complex, having said that you know what they claim: "A moment of timidity is usually swiftly forgotten" and in any case how could you expect us to stay trouble free, due to the fact some of us are just 18 or maybe 19 yr old.

But, given so much intimate plays, and all that wild partying, eventually we find ourselves trying to find extra cash, the true unpleasant of all things and thus we all end up looking for a part time job.For some, what this means is a stint in the local fast food eatery though others, just like me are lucky to discover phone sex as a possible avenue in order to not just earn some money but also to have fun while doing so.

And so most of us realize that we also enjoy sexual plays of our own. Hidden in the layers of our prior innocent lives, these hit us with a might of their own and leave us horny. It is easy to fuck while chatting on the telephone, and by that I suggest that intimacy comes about by using our own sounds, our imagination, the tone, timber, manner of our words and phrases right up until our the people on the other side of the phone achieve their sexual climaxes and we, quite wonderfully also achieve ours, if we haven’t done so by now.

Can you bear in mind those top-secret emotions you have experienced about young and barely legal girls? And just how you have watched them develop and turn into attractive gorgeous teenage girls? Do you ever also remember how you wished you might be able to sample the forbidden fruit but weren't able to because you were not of legal age? And yes it should be! Well nowadays you can, additionally you do not have to break any kind of legislation in order to experience whatever you always wished to do. The truth is we've just turned eighteen so if you've ever wanted to bang a young person, well now it's possible!

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The Cheating spouse And His Forgiving Lover Who Thinks Live Phone Sex Is Not Truly Being Unfaithful.

It's probable that if you use a cell phone, then you almost certainly have already been subjected to information of an adult nature! Furthermore, it is most likely that you and I, woman or man, have indeed viewed this material one or more times (all of us are curious) and, more probably, have experienced for ourselves the pleasures connected with adult phone.

It's not as if we are not spoiled for choice is it? There are plenty of one on one phone sex conversations to be had, private shows to participate in so why deprive ourselves of this type of adult entertainment. (As long as it is between consenting adults of course.).

For many singles, adult phone is probably the easiest way to break the monotony of the single life. But what would you say if a person you knew, a married person! at that told you once that she caught her husband using one such adult phone service? Could you possibly forgive him? Be so understanding that you would be more perturbed by the simple fact that the spouse who had done this had utilised your credit card to pay for this (as my good friend's spouse did) and this is actually what you ended up objecting to?, or would you be less inclined to forgive him? Here is what my friend told me when I asked if she was angry with her husband!

Let's be honest, you and I go out on ladies nights ever week, and you know what we talk about sometimes and how sexually charged our gossips can get, so what's the difference?"

Her answer gave me food for thoughts. It was definitely an opinion I hadn't been ready for, yet I had to confess that there was some validity in it. All things considered, we all believe that the ladies who answer these types of calls are not like the pictures they publish on their web sites so it may very well be rationalized that it is not the lady her partner dialled that he was having phonesex with, but instead a illusion, an actress who was playing a specific role play.

Had I not caught my own husband watching porn on several occasions, without me? "I caught Bob (my own husband) watching porn on his iPhone the other day! I had to admit. "I can understand your point of view though since when that happen, I was angry with him, not because he was watching porn, but because he was doing it without me"!

However before I could continue, she gave me "the coup de grace" as it were.

"I am telling you. I was furious because of the credit card issue so I let him have it for a while. But when that was done, I realized that was feeling left out, I mean if this man whom I had always enjoyed intimacy with was himself exploring fantasies by phone, shouldn't I at least see what the bid deal was all about?!"

I was astounded! After al, this was the woman who was my dear charming childhood friend I was speaking to. The lady who had her first kiss a full year or so after I got mine... The woman who waited to have sex until she was ready for it, which turned out to be after she graduated from college. And here she was revealing to that she and her man were seriously considering virtual and sexual multi partners relationships. It was wild... And also interesting.

"So... What happened? Did you really....?" I eventually asked her.

"Indeed I did!" She told me with the naughtiest smile I had ever seen on her pretty fact. "And let me tell you something: You should try it! It's quite delicious!"

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Phone Sex Chat – Singles Friendly – Add Spice to Dating

Let me reveal a specific program to stop misusing your valuable time seeking a lover on online dating sites! It's described as Free Phone Chat Lines, and the good news is that it is available today! Indeed! TO YOU PERSONALLY!

Thus put a stop to evaluating user profiles recognizing full well that not one of the girls that are somewhat pretty will actually take the time to reply to you. It doesn't matter what you present yourself to these girls, how coherent your communication is, how engaging your own user profile happens to be, the reality is a large number of these females practically never reply. Just in case eventually one will, and you get a "date" imagine who is likely to pay for the "opportunity" of being with a girl who quite often appears nothing at all like the photo on her profile? Absolutely, YOU! For some reason ladies push loudly for equal rights in the job market, (and so they should), but when they go out on a date, not one of them will propose to pay their share of the bill, let alone pay for the whole thing. And what do you get in exchange? You got it: NADA! Of course, if you are fortunate and only took her to your local cafe, that "nothing at all" will set you back close to $10 which is way more affordable compared to the the price of dinner for 2.

In point of fact, let's presume for a second, that you really like the woman... How much time do you think you'd have to wait to see some action? One date? A couple of dates? Possibly three... Even more? And given that she's going to assume that you will pay for everything, prepare yourself! This whole exercise may possibly wind up setting you back upwards of $100 (if you're lucky!)

It is true that you you might be trying to find a permanent romance relationship, however for a good number adult men around, all these men really want is a little a great time. Grownup entertainment if you know what i'm saying. And you simply aren't going to achieve it any way soon should you (just) go the dating route! However there is always hope: CHEAP PHONE SEX CHAT

And before you peel your nose in amazement you might actually contemplate calling a Sex Chat Line Numbers, allow me to share something with you: With the right woman, and one of the most popular Cheap Phone Sex Numbers, a sex chat will really feel like the real thing!

And here is the interesting part! Phone our phone sex chat line and get in touch RIGHT AWAY with numerous amateur girls who will be hoping for YOU! And just in case your interest is diversified and healthy, you can even speak with guys and shemales as well! And the best thing of it all is that they will do WHATEVER you ask!

How Cheap is the #1 PHONE SEX NUMBER? 29 cents per minute cheap and you will amazed at what's waiting for you!

So don't waste any more time, stop browsing through all those ridiculous dating profiles and find someone you actually like: RIGHT NOW!

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Extreme Age Play Phone Sex – Cheap Phone Sex

If you are an experienced guy, it is likely that you know all about wanting to have sexual intercourse with younger ladies who are in some cases in their very early twenties. If so, then Age Play Phone Sex is the perfect solution to do just that, and man(!) let me tell you I have some barely legal girls that are ideal for you! The simple truth is, 24 months ago, this cute sexual bomb shell came in looking for a job and this wounderful woman has been driving older guys nuts with desires ever since. The only real concern however is that sometimes she has a day off :)!

The reality is that she actually is one of these girls across the street type of babes which lots of people dream about, with the difference that this girl is the real deal. Not only does she really looks like she is still a teenager, she is also the image of inexperience personified and when I first had a conversation with her I remember thinking, "this one will have to be taught everything"! I was so wrong! As it turned out, she has an affinity for all things sexual and it didn't take her long to become one of our most popular girls! It was as if she had been born to this job. It wasn't long before she had established herself as the girl to speak to if any man, particularly older men wanted to delve into "the young girl does older men' fantasy.

Many of my girls provide expertise they are especially good at. Many are good at just about everything they do, whilst others prefer to stay into their distinct areas of interest. Age Play Phone Sex is not really so much a specialty as it is a state of mind, and there is one ingredient that can not be disguised: the voice. Young girls have young voices… Which is amongst the reasons why our barely legal young ladies are so in demand. Therefore when one of them telephones me to say she is not going to be able to come to work, I understand I am in for a stressful day. Particularly when as soon as she has shared the "bad news" with me, one of her regulars calls and tells me:

I want to book some time with a really young girl for an Age Play fantasy

Which is the big difference between my company and other phone sex lines. Whenever you get in touch with us and ask to speak to a young girl who is 19 years of age, we actually do have one, instead of a thirty something who impersonates barely legal girls! 🙂

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Inexpensive Sex Chat – Outstanding Quality You Can Afford

We all try to save money. It's a typical phenomenon. There is no reason to pay much more when you can get the very same elsewhere for less? This particular concept isn't any less the case in the case of phone sex girls and it is the key reason why our organization has stayed in business for such a long time. You see we've provided cheap rates to our customers since the mid 90's and although we do not claim to be the cheapest, what we can point out is that you will not likely get a superior "cheap phone sex" price anywhere else.

If I gave you the choice between a sex by phone call at $3.99 per minute as opposed to the exact same or even a great deal better phone convesation priced at half the fee, which deal would you decide on? Precisely! cheap phone sex girls comes out the winner every single time. Other than... not all deals are similar so far as the quality is involved and all too often, a call sold at say 66 cents for each minute might actually be a "poorer" version of the genuine thing. To put it differently, top quality might not generally come hand in hand with the word "cheaper", that's exactly why with regards to a good deal, too good is frequently... well way too good to be true. For that reason, we are serious with what we say when we claim that our offers represent the most impressive deals in the industry, period!

Our phone lines are available At any hour, 365 days per year. We are a group of phone sex girls brought together by a common passion: SEX! And we do love sex. We all come from all walks of life, in all shapes as well as nationalities however what we certainly have in common is the exclusive enjoyment of having sex and exactly what it takes to push the envelope further. Because we ourselves had to take care of our own private sexual needs, we know exaclty why you might need to experience your individual fantasies, which is one of the reasons why we are in the business!

We realize that we have a a business society where women and men have to contend with each other so that they can stay onward. In the phone sex community, this is very much so, and for the last 15 years when I started my phone sex business, I have witnessed the rise and fall of many companies. There are several main reasons why so many providers are unsuccessful, and others go on to strive. Bad know-how, an awful selection of products, a poor organization, every single one of are crucial factors to be taken into account by any company ceo, whether it's the director of a major corporation, or perhaps the 30 something parent who offers sex chat in her spare time in order to add to her own income. Nevertheless one important thing which we should all do to make it in any business is to offer the very best services (product) to the buyers. Which is exactly what makes us better than any other phone sex company, including those who have managed to make through the challenges of time. We provide the best choice! Period. Our phone sex girls are the best in the industry (they are trained by me!) and they share one important quality: THEY ADORE MAKING LOVE! The truth is, phone sex is not about grunting on the telephone whilst filing your nails, or maybe looking through a script whilst your caller masturbates! This is not a practice that I would ever accept in my business. It's actually all about appreciating what you do, and taking advantage of your own ability, your own personal sex drive, your personal fetishes together with erotic inclinations in order to meet a customer 1 / 2 way as a lover, instead than performing the role of an actor or actress. It really is all about the gratification of the caller and exactly how We're able to make his (her) encounter better yet. It's about doing almost everything you can to lead that caller to that place in his/her dreams where visualization meets the real world and a phone call starts to actually feel so genuine the caller simply feels just as if he could be in the same bedroom together with you!

Here are some examples of sex-related themes we routinely discuss:

  1. 18teen phone sex
  2. spanking phone sex
  3. phone sex Mistress
  4. tranny phone sex
  5. Humiliation Phone sex
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Some Changes to our site, still the best cheap phone sex around

We always try to improve our services.  We have been offering cheap phone sex for a long time now and we know a thing or two about what is affordable, low cost and inexpensive and what we need to do to maintain the excellence of our services.

After all, customer satisfaction is the name of game and in our case, it is even more so.  We want to come, no read EXPLODE on the phone with us, but we also want you to remember us for the next time you feel sexy!

And so, we are constantly trying to improve what we do and how we do it.  And you must love it, judging by the increasing number of you guys who are calling us!

We also try to improve our website and want you to enjoy it as much as you can.  Not so much though that you wouldn't need to call us, if you know what I mean.  With that said, we have added two new pages to our site, dedicated to Barely Legal Phone Sex and BBW Phone Sex respectively.

We will continue to upgrade our site, with new pages. Check out our Fetish Phone Sex index for new happpenings

Free Phone Chat Line and Adult Chat Line

So what is a phone sex chat line, and perhaps more importantly what purpose does it serve in the era of streaming videos, free porn and easy access to adult dating.

The answer to this question is simple. A phone sex chat line is an interactive conversation between two adults who want the same thing: sexual fulfillment. Now you might say that by watching a sex movie, sexual fulfillment is exactly what can and inevitably does happen and you would be right.

But if you want to be a participant in any love making, watching a sex scene between two performing actors just doesn’t cut it. In the course of a sex chat conversation, the two parties communicate directly. There is a live interaction which allows both to take the direction of their choosing. Instead of being content with being a “voyeur”, they participate directly in the realization of their fantasy. In other words, cheap phone sex gives you exactly what other form of sexual entertainment do not. It gives you the unique opportunity to be involved, to be in the scene, to be with that person whom you are having sex with!

Who uses our sex chat lines? Anyone who wants an intimate one-on-one conversation about any fantasy or adult fetish, and who is reluctant to talk about it with his or her partner, spouse or wife.

What about free sex chat lines? And why would anyone pay for sex if they can get it for free elsewhere? Fair question. Free is always better than having to spend your hard earned cash. The real question though is how free is a free phone sex chat line? In other words, is there such a thing?

The answer to that question is also simple. Well, nearly. It’s actually… Yes… and… No! Yes if you know someone who wants the same thing and is willing to do it with you, and it happens. No because there are no many people who will talk to you about sex.

What about those ads then? You know, like this one:

“Try sex by phone for free with hundreds of REAL LIVE like minded women and men in your local area. There are hundreds of new people everyday and it’s FREE…”


“… FREE to try…”

Which makes sense of course. Nothing is ever free…

What we do offer you though is CHEAP phone sex! Call our CHAT LINE and find out for yourself!